St. Paul Community Learning Association

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The St. Paul Community Learning Association receives funding through Advanced Education to support non-formal adult learning. Programs are created and offered to the reflect the needs of community and developed in partnership with existing community organizations. The funding is directed to deliver programs in the area of:

Literacy and Foundational Skills - including Family Literacy and English Language Learning
These skills include: literacy, numeracy proficiency in English language and the ability to engage with basic technology.
Foundational Skills are core skills that people use to participate actively in society, pursue further learning or be successful in the workforce.

Community Capacity Building - programs that complement, build upon or supplement foundational learning. An example might be Firearms Safety, or Cree Language classes. Certificates (tickets) required for work fall into this category.

Learner Support Services - assist individuals to transition to programs and services that will help them to meet their learning goals. Building individual confidence and relationships with learning organizations is part of learner support. Removing social and economic barriers that exist for some learners also falls into this category.



Room #206 (Southeast Entrance)

Hours: Monday-Thursday from 9-3 (September to June)


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