About St. Paul Community Learning

Who We Are

The St. Paul Community Learning Association is an integral party of the Government of Alberta's overall strategy to support participation in learning by Albertans.

What We Do

The St. Paul Community Learning Association enhances and complements other parts of the learning system in Alberta. We provide support for identifying and meeting needs in the community that are not being met by others.

The St. Paul Community Learning Association promotes and supports learning locally where that learning would benefit individuals and surrounding communities most.

Who We Serve

The St. Paul Communtiy Learning Association focuses on the needs of adult learners, and on learning opportunities that are non-credit in nature.

How We Do It

We offer a variety of general interest, certification and literacy courses in the fall, winter, and spring.

How You Can Help

Sign up for a course - get wiser!
Teach a course - let us help you share your skills
Suggest a course - be a learning liaison from your home community in the County of St. Paul, representing your neighbour's interests
Volunteer as a tutor - we provide training and materials
Join our Board - we truly believe the more the merrier!


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