Anti-Racism Community Grant

The St. Paul Community Learning Association together with Reconciliation St. Paul has received provincial funding for a special project called: 
Reconciliation St. Paul Presents: Restoring the History of St. Paul des Metis

$16,507 was granted to collect Metis history from the Metis perspective about the founding of St. Paul 1896-1909. This is a matching grant with $ 33,015 being the total cost of the project. Duration: One year, starting November 2018.

The basic plan of the project is outlined as follows:

Stage one-data collection of oral and documented information.
Stage two- compile and organize information.
Stage three – present information at a series of Town Hall Meetings open to the public.
Stage four – distribute information to local museum, schools and other agencies.
Stage five – erect a physical plaque, art piece or visual display of the Metis history collected, so that locals and visitors can see a visual representation of this history.

What's happened so far? January 2019 Update

A Metis advisory committee was struck to guide the application process and now, the administration of the grant. The volunteers on the action committee will begin by reviewing the documents (first hand accounts of Metis des St. Paul community members) recommended and provided by members of the Metis Nation of Alberta. Themes and key points will be identified. A list of potential elders to interview is being developed. In these early stages of the project, the volunteers will be receiving an educational session called, Metis 101, that has been created by the MNA to explain Metis identity and culture. The Metis Settlements General Council have also been approached to offer guidance and input. Local Metis community members are invited and welcomed to take a role in this important project. 


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